What To Do In Taipei

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Taipei 101 is the most famous Taipei attraction, but still we can explore what to do in Taipei other than that. We will recommend you some of them, starting from the tourist attractions, activities, and many more. The must thing of what to do in Taipei is city tour. We can visit the tourist attractions around Taipei city. Many people may already familiar with the iconic Taipei 101 and National Palace Museum. Other than those, we can visit memorial hall and temples. Sun Yat Sen and Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall are worthy to visit. Visiting historical building in the center of the city will give unique vibe. We can feel the struggle and revolution of the nation in the past and present days. In those memorial halls, we could not only recognizing the historical relics but also relaxing in its park or green area. If you want to visit Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall by bus then take the Blue Line bus and drop in Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Station. Meanwhile to got to Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, take city bus of Red Line or Green Line.

What to do in Taipei city other than visiting the iconic sites is cycling in the city. It’s a very simple activity to do there. However, it gives us the real experience in Taipei city. Just rent the bicycle in the nearest YouBike Station. Otherwise, you may choose trekking activity in Elephant Mountain. From the top of it, you can relish the great view of the city and Taipei 101 tower from above. The best time to enjoy its view is at the night when all the city lights gleam like stars. It gives another romantic atmosphere, doesn’t it?

Don’t forget to get culinary tour for what to do in Taipei. It won’t be a complete tour without culinary. Try various Taiwan culinary such as savory beef noodle soup, delicious braised pork rice, crunchy oyster omelet, and sweet fresh bubble tea. After getting some calories, let’s continue to watch glove puppetry. It’s a bit different than common opera show because they use puppets. We could see the uniqueness of the show. We will see the synchronize between the puppeteer hand movement and the puppet itself.

What to do in Taipei which recommended is riding Maokong Gondola. Maokong Gondola connects Taipei Zoo and Maokong area, which is popular for its tea plantation. It operates every Monday-Friday at 09.00-21.00 and weekend at 08.30-21.00. Unfortunately, it won’t operate on bad weather. The best time to ride it is on sunset or in the night with the blinding city lights. You can hop on it after or before get a tour in the zoo.

If you want something fun and festive, what to do in Taipei is participating in festival. Fulong Sand Sculpting Art Festival in Fulong Beach is the one recommended. Fulong Beach is located in Gongliao, New Taipei City. And, the festival is usually held every summer. You can create sculpture as magnificent as you want. the uniqueness of Fulong beach is the golden color sand. Your will have a special tour by participating native parade. Otherwise, you could only go shopping in some shopping districts. To get the up to date fashion, jewelery, footwear, and other souvenirs, just go to Ximending or Dinghao shopping area. Ximending is in west of Taipei Main Station, Wanhua District. Meanwhile, Dinghao is located between MRT station of Fuxing and Dunhua. You sure can bargain cheaper price there. If you just wanna taste street foods and feel the atmosphere of Taipei night market, then visit Shilin or Raohe Night Market.