The Wild Safari of Bali Safari and Marine Park

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Bali Safari and Marine Park is a famous destination in Bali. This Bali Safari and Marine Park is famous from its different style of Bali Tourism. If usually you find Bali as the heaven of beach, you will not find it in Bali Safari and Marine Park.

Bali Safari and Marine Park offers the adventure of wild African life. There you will see many African animals like zebra, giraffe, hippopotamus, and many more. Even you can also see a dangerous animal from Indonesia, Komodo Dragon. You can also see the other wild animals such as lion and tiger. On the marine park, you can see the other awesome and fantastic show. Look at the predator of Amazon River, Piranha. See how wild them when eating their meal with their sharp teeth.

Furthermore, you can enjoy some interesting attractions there. Enjoy the safari with a bus to explore all the park with its amazing animal. You can also feel how your adrenalin is getting higher in night safari. Pass the wild animal like tiger and lion inside a special designed cage. Feel how scary it, but don’t worry about your safety, all what you do there is under control and safe enough.

If you want to enjoy more challenging attraction, just come to the restaurant. Enjoy the feeling of having meal together with a group of lions. Perhaps, the lion will think that you are the meal, but don’t worry about it. You are not the meal, you are the player who see the lion as your entertainment.

In addition, this destination is also a perfect destination for education. When you are visiting this Bali Safari and Marine Park with your kids, you can teach them more about animal. Show them about respect to the other creatures, make them learn about their life, and teach them how to love each other. So, are you interesting enough to visit it? Let’s prepare your itinerary in Bali and enjoy all the awesome things in Bali Safari and Marine Park.

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