Nusa Penida Day Tour: A Short Getaway Outside Bali Mainland

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If you have traveled to Bali for several time, Nusa Penida Day Tour can be a perfect alternative for your next holiday. This sister island of Bali is located in the southeast of Bali mainland, and has been a favorite place for honeymoon. Although it is much smaller than the mainland, Nusa Penida is just like a little slice of tropical paradise.

What to see in Nusa Penida

There are a lot to enjoy all over the area of this small island. The most famous one is probably the Kelingking Beach. This beach is also known as the T-rex Head due to the shape of the cliff there. Taking a photo or more in Kelingking Point, with the Head as the background, is considered a must for every first-time traveler. Also, while visitors are unable to explore ‘the head’, they can go down. Of course, you will need to be fit, healthy, cautious, and careful to be able to overcome the never-ending slippery stairs.

Another well-known beach with interesting cliff is the Broken Beach. it’s named so since you’ll be able to see a huge hole on the cliff that allows seawater to pass through. There’s a local tale about this beach and the hole. So, make sure you hear the story while you’re there and spread it to the world.

Now, the crystal-clear seawater in Nusa Penida must be luring you to plunge yourself into the ocean. The best spot for this is the Angel’s Billabong and its infinity natural pool. The water is super clear here that you’ll be able to see the coral reef below. If it’s not enough, you can try snorkeling in Crystal Bay, one of the best snorkeling-diving spots in Nusa Penida.

When to join Nusa Penida Day Tour

This day tour is suitable for solo and group travelers, and especially couples. Available almost all year long, you can join the tour at any time. However, as this tour mostly covers coastlines, it’s advised to do your tour on a bright sunny day in dry season. With this tour, you will depart from Sanur at around 07.30 AM Bali time. The tour will end at around 4 in the afternoon when your driver will take you back to your hotel.

How to book your access to the exciting your

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