Bali Swing, A Thrilling Way to Enjoy the Nature of Bali

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A swing may not be special and attractive for anybody, but Bali swing takes this childish activity to another level. You won’t be playing it in playground; you will swing up above a lush jungle of Bali. Indeed, Bali Swing is trending now. People enjoy swinging back and forth high above the ground while marveling at the great beauty of the surrounding greenery. There are two Bali Swing near Ubud that you can try. Let’s get to know more about both of them first!

Bali Swing Abiansemal

Abiansemal is a small subdistrict near Ubud known to have a vast percentage of verdant wilderness. This secluded place with tranquil ambiance is the best place for a jungle swing. There are up to 9 jungle swings that you can try limitlessly, set from 10 meters to 78 meters high above the ground. While you thrill your adrenaline, feast your eyes on the awe-inspiring tropical paradise. Don’t worry; a strong rope will be wrapped around your body at waist level to secure your safety during the activity.

Besides the swings, there are also some cute nests and photo spots where you can hunt some pictures to upload into your Instagram. So, don’t forget to wear your best clothes for this activity. After having your blood rushing faster inside the vein, satisfy your appetite with a lunch served buffet-style in the area. Bali Swing is open daily from 8 o’clock in the morning up to 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

Bali Terrace River Pool Swing Tegallalang

Another spot for Bali Swing is in Tegallalang, most famous for its rice terrace. With Bali Terrace River Pool Swing, you will have the chance to swing above the terrace to enjoy the picturesque scenery better. There are three kinds of swing that you can enjoy. The couple swing, as the name suggests, is a tandem swing for two. This is best for brave lovebirds seeking for adrenaline-rushing activity to strengthen their romantic bond. Couple Swing is set 45 meters above the ground.

Like Couple Swing, Extreme Swing is also 45-m high. This allows you to witness the green carpet of the rice fields as well as the forest. The difference is, well, you need to swing alone. Are both swings not thrilling enough for your daring, adventurous heart? Try the Super Extreme Swing that takes you 60 meters above the ground. While you swing, feel the shaking sensation which will definitely pump up your adrenaline. Besides the swing, you can take bunches of dope pictures in the bird nests. Also, Bali Terrace River Pool Swing offers a complimentary tea or coffee testing activity (non-Luwak) for tea or coffee addicts.

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